Why We Need Horses



Equitherapy…20 mins
Hippotherapy…30 mins

Horse are good for the spirit.  Horses make us feel happy when we’re sad and happier when we’re happy.  Horses heal us when we’ve been hurt.

When my back was locked during my 3 months of sciatic nerve spasm, I found relief by riding at the walk.  This gentle massage, the undulation of my horse’s back was more healing than a visit to my chiropractor or masseuse. I came to rely on daily “walks”with my horse for relief.

Horses intuitively connect with own souls, sensing our mood and needs.  When I feel blue, I bury my nose in Monarch’s neck.  His smell, his soft coat, and his presence replenish my soul.

The elusive moments when horse and rider unite in mind, body, spirit, and intention forge a passion to pursue this exquisite quest for harmony.


4 comments on “Why We Need Horses

  1. nokotahorse says:

    You write a fascinating blog we’re happy to have found and we’re looking forward to read more about your life with horses 🙂

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