Cheri Isgreen Equine Art

All images copyrighted by
Cheri Isgreen.
 Images may not be reproduced without artist’s permission, 


Studying, drawing, and painting horses is an irresistible passion  Horses captivate me. They possess grace in movement and majesty in stillness.  I’m fascinated by the equine form.  The line of an equine nostril, the shape of an ear, the protrusion of a tendon, the miracle of complex leg structure,  the expression in an eye; all draw me to capture their sinuous curves and noble presence.  Hypnotic eyes, flowing mane and tail, highlight and shadow rippling over a horse in motion captivate and entice me to express an impression of equus essence and spirit.

"Out of the Shadows"  copyright Cheri Isgreen  A portrait on my horses Monarch and Sterling.  Poured watercolor technique; 2 masks.  I painted this earlier wet-into-wet, but the colors didn't glow, as I envisioned, so I started again with frisket.  I achieved the glow I was after by pouring and tilting, using gravity to move the paint, instead of a brush.

“Out of the Shadows”                      copyright Cheri Isgreen, 2013

People’s Choice Winner at Montrose Visual Arts Guild 22nd Annual Show Oct. 2013

Patron Award: Around the Corner Gallery

"Riding for Rain" I strive for both mystery and narrative in my paintings.

“Riding for Rain”                                 copyright Cheri Isgreen 2013

I strive for both mystery and narrative in my paintings.

When Horses Fly" copyright Cheri Isgreen

When Horses Fly” copyright Cheri Isgreen 2013

This painting the expresses the joy, beauty, and power of a correct extended trot, (with matching angles), without the damaging practice of extreme articulation of a foreleg flung out in front of the horse, often seen in horse shows.

My intent was to capture the fiery spirit of this beautiful Andalusian dancer.


"Jalepeno" copyright C. Isgreen 2012

“Jalepeno” copyright C. Isgreen 2012


"Who's Got de Blues?" copyright Cheri Isgreen 2014

“Who’s Got de Blues?”
copyright Cheri Isgreen 2014

Capturing winter light and the joyful, energetic spirit of my daughter’s horse, Sterling

"Best Friends"

“Best Friends” copyright C Isgreen 2013

Patron Award: Montrose Arts Council, featured painting at Karill Glidakovsky Invitational Salon

Montrose Visual Artist Guild 22nd Annual Show, 2013

Open Gate

“Open Gate” copyright Cheri Isgreen 2013

a reminder to keep joy and playfulness in your heart

"After Midnight" copyright Cheri Isgreen, 2014

“After Midnight” copyright Cheri Isgreen, 2014

To say as little as possible, while telling as much as necessary allows the viewer to make a personal connection with the artwork.

The following three paintings are for the 2013 Christmas Horse series, with more to come next year.  Christmas cards are available as a set of 3 for $15 or 2 packs for $25.


Merry copyright C Isgreen 2013

"Holly"  copyright Cheri Isgreen

“Holly” copyright Cheri Isgreen 2013


Jingle copyright C Isgreen 2013

The following paintings were designed for 2014, Year of Horse celebrations.  Opening on Jan. 31st, from 4-7 at 45 Degree Gallery, in Old Colorado City, Colorado Springs.  They came out of study of zhezhi, the Chinese folk art of folded paper.  This is a series of 7 folded paper horses.

QIANLI  MA, copyright C.Isgreen 2014

QIANLI MA, copyright C.Isgreen 2014

Qianli Ma is the mythical winged Chinese steed that travels 1000 kilometers in a day!

Zhe Zhi

Zhezhi copyright Cheri Isgreen 2014

Cards are available from these paintings: 3 cards in a set, one horse depicted in each card: $15.  Order the “Zhezhi” series or “Year of the Horse.”  Both sets can be purchased for $25, (6 cards.)

Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse Cheri Isgreen 2014

The painting, “Peace & Plenty,” is available for silent auction at 45 Degree Gallery, “art at every angle,” in Colorado Springs.  It is to benefit the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank.  See blog post:

"Peace & Plenty" copyright Cheri Isgreen 11/2013

“Peace & Plenty” copyright Cheri Isgreen 11/2013

Silent Auction painting for Colorado Horsecare Foodbank 1/31/14                45 Degree Gallery, Colorado Springs, CO

"A Pause in the Day's Occupation"  copyright Cheri Isgreen

“A Pause in the Day’s Occupation” copyright Cheri Isgreen 2013

This is a different compositional approach to the same subject in a much larger format.

Entitled "Connection," this painting was conceived as  a metaphor between teacher and student for my MA in curriculum and instruction defense.  Teaching, as in riding, must embody the element of trust.  The rein exists for communication, never for control.  So who is the teacher & who is the student- the rider or the horse?

“Connection” C Isgreen 2002

Conceived as a metaphor between teacher and student for my final defense,  MA in curriculum and instruction. Teaching, as in riding, must embody the elements of trust, faith, and confidence. The rein exists for communication, never for control.  The question becomes,  “who is the teacher & who is the student- the rider or the horse?”

"A Sterling Jump" another painting about partnership.

“A Sterling Jump”                   copyright C Isgreen 2012

portrait of my daughter and her horse, Sterling, a “silver” paint

"Gathering, Abbe Ranch"

“Gathering, Abbe Ranch” copyright C Isgreen 2013

Riding to the Morning Assignments, Abbe Ranch

Riding to the Morning Assignments, Abbe Ranch copyright Cheri Isgreen 2013

100 horses and riders gathered for 4 days of instruction, culminating in a cross country pair pace…

My own horse Monarch provides me with infinite inspiration.  This wise partner in my Equitherapy work is a 3/4 Lipizzan & 1/4 Andalusian.  Like Mondigliani’s wife in his paintings, Monarch is my muse and model.

Exploring chi; ideas from the book, The Tao of Watercolor by  Jeanne Carbonetti

At Grass copyright C Isgreen 2012

sinuous curves

The washes in this portrait were painted of tissue paper.  The tissue is lifted when dry leaving a subtle texture that suggests a horse's coat.

“Monarch” Copyright C Isgreen 2012

soulful eyes


“Twilight” copyright Cheri Isgreen, 2013

I’m always fascinated how a horse reflects light.  In “Twilight,” I was inspired by how a “white” horse can capture the final rays of a dying day.

Storm's a Comin' copyright C Isgreen

Storm’s a Comin’
copyright C Isgreen 2014

For the show, “Words,” at the Gunnison Arts Center, I took a different approach to my narrative artwork, using mixed media and collage to tell the story.

"Don't Fence Me In" image copyright Cheri Isgreen with music by Porter & Fletcher

“Don’t Fence Me In” image copyright Cheri Isgreen with music by Porter & Fletcher

In this collage, I made a series of small paintings and mixed media images and arranged them to tell the story of freedom.  Notice the juxtaposition of the word, “IN.”

Heart Talk Tea"  copyright  Cheri Isgreen

Heart Talk Tea” copyright Cheri Isgreen 2013

Mixed media watercolor and tea bag

"Plenty"  copyright cheri Isgreen

“Plenty” copyright cheri Isgreen 2013

Like the previous painting, in this one I played with painting a watercolor mat to frame a smaller painting.  The random linear movement expresses the pressure a pasture feels as a herd of horses would wander and graze.  Small painting from pleine aire event in Moab, Oct. 2013.  Knowing that I would make a painting for the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank, I played with several ideas.  Silent Auction painting for Colorado Horsecare Foodbank 3/7/14  Paquette Gallery, SteamPlant Events Center, Salida, CO

14 comments on “Cheri Isgreen Equine Art

  1. Shantel says:

    Cheri – I absolutely love your style of painting, the horses are beautiful, your work is an inspiration to us!!

  2. redharparts says:

    These are such beautiful paintings of beautiful horses!

  3. w8n4jesus says:

    Finally found a moment to look at these and thoroughly enjoyed them. Looking forward to seeing the originals someday with all their “texture”…
    Hard to pick a favorite, but I think it may be the very top one of Andalusian.

    • Thanks for your kinds comments. Can’t wait to get back to painting in May, after this biz travel and other commitments have been fulfilled. Have you looked at Ask Monarch yet?

  4. Lynly Scheibler says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  5. steve says:

    hi cheri:) nice show ive not seen this much of your work at one time. well done! great to see how your approaching painting and incorporating your first love, outside of kurt of course ,lol. into the whole swirl of thought life doing reflecting learning. i think i hear your voice in the paintings. something im still working on.
    geaux guuuurl xxxooo

    • Thanks Steve. We just returned from Mexico, and now I will dive head first into this yearlong show that opens at the end of the month. I love doing these paintings. I’m very inspired by the equine form- my version of life drawing, as well as developing the atmosphere, narrative, and mystery/joie de vivre that go along with painting horses.

  6. Linda Dodge says:

    Hi Cheri,
    Enjoyed looking at all the art work on this page. I hope your shows have gone well. I was telling a friend about you yesterday which prompted me looking for your info which brought me here. Keep up the great paintings….they always make me smile.

  7. Jackye Zimmermann says:

    Cheri, Thanks so much for making me aware of your work! My daughter was a rider for many years and I hung out at the barn around the horse while she rode. Your paintings bring back great memories of that period of my mothering. All the paintings are so full of deep feelings. In particular, I love love love Out of the Shadows for its suggestiveness and colorings and Merry for its incorporation of hints of Christmas. I am so happy for you to be doing this work. And, wow, are your students lucky to have you working with them. I know they inspire you too. Jackye

  8. Mary June Ogden Armstrong says:

    Your watercolor/horses are beautiful to view. Love your style.

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