8/10-11: practice straightness (see journal 8/9/17)

8/8: review 2nd level movements


Date: 8/9/17

Minutes of Training: 75

Horse: Monarch

Goal: Training/coaching with Susan

Methods- be specific, give details: Suppling-circle, push inside hind underneath belly, open inside rein; when horse releases, send him over the back, into the bit. Feel thrust of hind end in my hand- horse gives increased contact. Rider keeps this contact for horse to keep his balance.

Straightness- work in shoulder fore on the 1/4 line- horse has no wall to lean on. Test his straightness by taking the whole package in shoulder fore to the wall with leg yield .

Reflection: Contact- Monarch is very light, but he needs my support by holding the contact he gives me, so he can come through . I need to remember to hold this contact. When I have this feel, I can do very small corrections to keep him balanced and supple.

Straightness- on right rein, Monarch gives a very firm outside contact- left is his stiff side & right is his hollow side. Even though he feels “good,” he is actually not straight straight. Shoulder fore on quarterline & leg yield to wall in shoulder fore test the horse’s straightness.

Next Steps: practice straightness; add shoulder-in & travers on 1/4 lines in trot, also canter work shoulder fore on 1/4 lines.


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