Road to Bronze 2017


4/15/17: practice neck supples, poll flexions, long neck/long arms/ short reins in all 3 gaits.

Date: 4/13/17

Minutes of Training: 2 hour lesson

Horse: Monarch

Goal: Continue to improve movement through freeing the blocks

Methods- be specific, give details:

1. supple circle is now very good. Blocks in neck are released- build on this by refining the suppling through poll flexion & counter flexion.
2. Free the shoulder, open the chest, and raise the poll to allow the horse to step through to the bit. When the horse dives,curls, or jigs- give a 1/2 halt with the upper body- (raise my ribs & chest; vibrate outside rein.) When the horse raises his poll, lightly touch him with both spurs to encourage him to step under and through from behind to the bit.
3. To encourage a long neck- lengthen arms to shorten reins. Hold the reins with the thumb on top of the index finger & open all the fingers. Play lightly with the reins to give aid.

Reflection: When the work is correct, the horse is happier and in better balance. Because it is easier for him to move, he tends to work harder. This is a paradox. When the work is correct, the horse works harder because it is easier!

Next Steps: Practice the 3 skills/strategies from this lesson. Get very comfortable with poll flexion to supple, moving the horse into the bit, and lengthening the neck. Continue to refine aids- get lighter by improving coordination. This will come from practice to develop muscle memory. Also Monarch is very good at giving feedback; he tells me when my aids are good, when they are too strong, and when they are too weak.

4/12/17: Test rider position, especially in canter; test horse response to aids.
comments about today’s training: We had perfect connection today.   Monarch was on my seat & light to the aids, so I must have been light & in time in giving the aids.  Travers was weak yesterday, (he evaded through avoiding the bend; more a leg yield).  To support the bend, we practiced travers in walk on the circle, then in trot on the circle. He was bent and very willing, but he lost impulsion. Maybe try practicing earlier in the schooling; also do other exercises to strengthen hind legs to accept the weight.

Date: 4/11/17

Horse: Monarch

Minutes of Training: 60

Goal: Improve rider position, particularly the left leg, for increased effectiveness of rider effectiveness. Also focus on giving the release immediately after the horse releases in 1/2 half, (outside rein), & the suppling rein. (inside rein.)

comments about today’s training: Monarch was super today . I was able to keep my left leg forward in the left lead canter and only use the spur every 2nd or 3rd stride to renew the jump. My timing is improving. His focus and understanding was very prompt & accurate. I am able to use the inside leg to the outside rein correctly in suppling and connecting my horse. I am able to put the spur on and off gently in the correct rhythm to create a lighter ride. I can use the spur and 1/2 halt, then release to create a very forward medium sitting trot. I am able to sit the big trot with softer elbows and following back.

next steps:  Practice canter-walk transitions on serpentine, then on center line with simple changes of lead.  Horse should remain relaxed and supple through transition.

Date: 4/10/17

Horse: Monarch

Minutes of Training: 60

Goal: Practice ideas/skills from lesson last Thursday: Use suppling circle to create balance and engagement in all three gaits. Focus on riding “perfect” circles.

Will you continue this goal or make a new goal for next training?: yes

comments about today’s training: Horse was very tense and resistant in the beginning of ride in the H-C-M part of the arena. Through patience and insistence that Monarch release his tight blocks in his neck, I rode many supple circles at walk until he was loose and relaxed in all parts of the arena. By the end of the session, Monarch was very loose and attentive to the aids.  We achieved our goals in all three gaits.
next steps:  work on rider position, test left leg independence in left lead canter

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