Road to Bronze Training Journal 10/7-10/8/2015

DATE: 10/7&8/15

GOAL: continue “hot off the leg” response from yesterday to improve quality of gaits and transitions; school canter-walk

METHOD:  use Jane Savoie’s “Forward” strategies-

  1. Give a light leg aid
  2. No response, half-hearted response, or delayed response
  3. Correct him by sending him forward
  5. 100% response (99.9% isn’t good enough!)
  6. Praise

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OUTCOMES:  Monarch has become more forward.  Canter is very straight on the long side, and canter-walk is improving.  We worked in the 15 M circle, because the only place in my arena big enough for the 20 M circle is at A.M.  If we drill canter at A, everything else goes out the window, and I like how forward Monarch has become in that area.  15 M circles are more demanding.  I need to be tactful and give plenty of rest breaks, as he gets tired.  Then he goes from willing and working, to “humpy” and behind the leg.  I did get 2 very nice canter down to walk transitions, both from left lead.  We can build on that.

REFLECTION: Working away from A is helping with his forward attitude.  Because he gets tired staying in the 15 meter circle, (the whole rest of my arena in width), I will intersperse canter circles with forward on the long side.  We can 1/2 halt at B and E, circle and continue down the long side.  As he gets better/stronger, we can circle at the intermediate letters and at C.


One comment on “Road to Bronze Training Journal 10/7-10/8/2015

  1. Keep preserving, the rewards will be there at completion.

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