“Hot Shoe” (part 3, final painting)

Thought you would enjoy reading about the process. Remember, “No hoof, no horse.” See https://cheriisgreenfineart.wordpress.com for the whole story of painting this work.

Cheri Isgreen Fine Art

The finished painting: “Hot Shoe.”

I originally thought the title  would be, “For a Good Time, Call Ed.” This is a reference to common graffiti found on a public bathroom wall.  For equestrians, the title is a double entendre meaning “no hoof, no horse.”  Ed is a master farrier.  I rely on him to not only keep my horse sound, but to maximize my horse’s movement.  He helps me to understand the structure of the foot, how the approach he will use translates to my horse’s comfort and way of travel, and how to solve the occasional problem that arises in the pasture or in training.  A farrier can make all the difference between an enjoyable ride and a disaster.  In fact, I found Ed as a result of a disaster from a previous “hoof expert.”)

"Hot Shoe"  copyright C Isgreen 2015 “Hot Shoe” copyright C Isgreen 2015

It is interesting the comments I received while this painting was a…

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