You can be your own worst enemy

This would be a good article to review for a New Year’s resolution, but it is so timely for me right now, as I work toward bringing my horse up the levels. Bookmark this awesome post!

Deanna Corby Dressage


This statement is true in many ways when you are working towards a challenging, perhaps intimidating goal. I see riders from time to time who are preventing their own progress. I admit that I too have been guilty of getting in my own way over the years.

“I’m too tired…”

“It’s too hot…”

“I will do it tomorrow…”

Without a doubt, riding horses in any discipline is one of the most difficult sports you can choose. It’s hard enough to trust your own mind and body to be at peak performance but when your partner is a 1,000+ pound animal with flight instincts, this sport is brought to a whole new level. Instead of categorizing riding as a sport, I’ve always thought that “art”, “passion” or “way of life” was more appropriate. I don’t think anyone would disagree that in order to truly advance, you must allow your purpose to…

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