Who’s Got da Blues?

In August, “High Point” will be hosted by Melange Telluride, a cutting edge avant-guarde gallery in the historic mining town of Telluride, CO.  http://www.melangetelluride.com/contact.html

Telluride is set in a beautiful alpine box canyon with stunning views of Ingram Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, the San Miguel River headwaters, and the heart of the San Juan mountain range.   The first weekend in August, Telluride hosts the annual Telluride Jazz Festival Aug 1-3, http://telluridejazz.org/

I’ve been thinking about paintings that weave horses and jazz together.  I love jazz and often listen to jazz while I paint and draw.  I was dreaming about the festival when I created this piece, which was painted earlier this month, called “Who’s Got da Blues?”  This playful horse looks like he is literally leaping out of his blue mood into a joyous state.  Stay tuned for more paintings in this vein as the show approaches.

"Who's Got de Blues?" copyright Cheri Isgreen 2014

“Who’s Got de Blues?”
copyright Cheri Isgreen 2014


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