After Midnight

I’m working on painted compositions in preparation for my Montrose Visual Arts Demonstration, “Poured Watercolor Techniques.”  Not all paintings lend themselves to this technique.  Pouring the paint allows for spontaneous and unexpected color mixtures.  These compositions involve a good understanding of value and shape, because those elements will tell the story of the painting.  Plan a minimal amount of detail which will strengthen the composition and provide a sense of mystery.  The most important details to include are descriptive edges in strategic places.  For examples of painted from poured watercolor, visit this link:

Out of the Shadows

Riding for Rain

Best Friends


A Pause in the Day’s Occucupation

I call this painting “After Midnight.”

"After Midnight" copyright Cheri Isgreen, 2014

“After Midnight” copyright Cheri Isgreen, 2014

Remember sneaking out on a full moon to ride your horse?  My daughter has a wonderful story about the time she & her horse, Sterling spent the night at a friend’s house.  You could hardly call it a “sleep over,” because they snuck out of the house after the moon had risen with the goal of galloping on the golf course…  What horse crazy girl has not seen such an inviting expanse of green and had the same dream?  Well that night her dream came true under a full moon.

The old boy in this painting is probably going home after whiskey & cards at the local saloon.


4 comments on “After Midnight

  1. Barb Haynie says:

    I did the same thing on my horse when I was fifteen years old. Two friends and I galloped the fairways under a full moon at 3 am at a golf course across the lake from our neighborhood. We had a conscience about it – we scrupulously stayed off the greens! The next week we were confronted during a ride by the greens keeper who just happened to be my older sister’s father-in-law. Of course we lied through our teeth! That was a one-time only escapade. Our horses acted up so badly we nearly didn’t survive, plus we all hated losing a night’s sleep.

  2. Jeanne Welfelt says:

    These are beautifull, Cheri.

  3. I love them all Cher….like good wine you are not getting older your getting better and better and better…….

  4. w8n4jesus says:

    I absolutely love these poured watercolors!

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