After Midnight

The recent snowfalls left us with a half foot of snow to trudge through while caring for my animals.  As the weather warmed up this week, the snow changed to slippery mush.  Yesterday it even rained, which revealed a path of soggy grass on the way to Monarch’s feeding station.  It’s much too sodden to think of riding, so I’m back in the studio preparing for the Kirill Gliadkovsky Salon on February 22 in Montrose, sponsored by the Montrose Arts Council.

Kirill Gliadkovsky is a Russian born and trained concert pianist, conductor, and composer.  As a Patron Award Winner from the 22nd annual MVAG show in Oct. 2013,  the Montrose Arts Council invited me to show work at the Gliadkovsky Salon.

I will unveil three new works of art including “After Midnight.”  The germ for this painting was to capture the essence of a full moon ride without providing too much information to the viewer.  To say as little as possible, while telling as much as is necessary allows the viewer to make a personal connection with the artwork.

"After Midnight" copyright Cheri Isgreen, 2014

“After Midnight” copyright Cheri Isgreen, 2014


3 comments on “After Midnight

  1. The Horse Whisperer I watched on TV recently should have this for a part of his personal logo! You need to contact him to let him know something this beautiful exists. I just know he will want it.
    To me it represent tranquility, peace and quiet and speaks volumes in a whisper.

  2. Glenda Fletchall says:

    Wow! What an awesome picture!

  3. Mary Pat Hotze says:

    The moonlight painting is really cool.It reminds me of a video I saw of Nuno Olivera schooling one of his stallions in the moonlight

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