High Point, opening in Salida, CO

I just returned from installing the show at Paquette Gallery, at the SteamPlant Events Center in Salida, CO. http://www.salidasteamplant.com/index.html

The Paquette Gallery is an exciting space, providing the viewer with interesting zones to interact with the artwork.  The show includes 34 paintings,  4 found-objects sculpture, and a variety of cards and monoprints.  Both Barb and I are debuting some new paintings.

The opening is slated for March 7th, 5-7 PM.  On tap for the opening will be a silent auction for the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank; a talk by its founder Juliana Lehman; interactive arts for attendees to explore the Year of the Horse, including zhezhi/origami and zen painting; door prizes; Chinese and barn-themed food for horses and their humans; music; wine; and the opportunity to view and discuss cutting edge art.

To pre-bid on the silent auction painting: “Plenty,” by Cheri Isgreen

"Plenty" copyright C Isgreen 2013

“Plenty” copyright C Isgreen 2013

contact the SteamPlant Event Center
Sackett and G Street.
Salida, CO 81201
PHONE: (719) 530-0933  (Ask for Trish)
FAX: (719) 530-0934



Who’s Got da Blues?

In August, “High Point” will be hosted by Melange Telluride, a cutting edge avant-guarde gallery in the historic mining town of Telluride, CO.  http://www.melangetelluride.com/contact.html

Telluride is set in a beautiful alpine box canyon with stunning views of Ingram Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, the San Miguel River headwaters, and the heart of the San Juan mountain range.   The first weekend in August, Telluride hosts the annual Telluride Jazz Festival Aug 1-3, http://telluridejazz.org/

I’ve been thinking about paintings that weave horses and jazz together.  I love jazz and often listen to jazz while I paint and draw.  I was dreaming about the festival when I created this piece, which was painted earlier this month, called “Who’s Got da Blues?”  This playful horse looks like he is literally leaping out of his blue mood into a joyous state.  Stay tuned for more paintings in this vein as the show approaches.

"Who's Got de Blues?" copyright Cheri Isgreen 2014

“Who’s Got de Blues?”
copyright Cheri Isgreen 2014

After Midnight

I’m working on painted compositions in preparation for my Montrose Visual Arts Demonstration, “Poured Watercolor Techniques.”  Not all paintings lend themselves to this technique.  Pouring the paint allows for spontaneous and unexpected color mixtures.  These compositions involve a good understanding of value and shape, because those elements will tell the story of the painting.  Plan a minimal amount of detail which will strengthen the composition and provide a sense of mystery.  The most important details to include are descriptive edges in strategic places.  For examples of painted from poured watercolor, visit this link:  https://equitherapy.wordpress.com/equine-art/

Out of the Shadows

Riding for Rain

Best Friends


A Pause in the Day’s Occucupation

I call this painting “After Midnight.”

"After Midnight" copyright Cheri Isgreen, 2014

“After Midnight” copyright Cheri Isgreen, 2014

Remember sneaking out on a full moon to ride your horse?  My daughter has a wonderful story about the time she & her horse, Sterling spent the night at a friend’s house.  You could hardly call it a “sleep over,” because they snuck out of the house after the moon had risen with the goal of galloping on the golf course…  What horse crazy girl has not seen such an inviting expanse of green and had the same dream?  Well that night her dream came true under a full moon.

The old boy in this painting is probably going home after whiskey & cards at the local saloon.

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to all you horses out there and your humans!

Heart Talk Tea, C 2013 C Isgreen

Heart Talk Tea, C 2013 C Isgreen

This mixed media watercolor painting, approximately 14″ x 16″ is offered for silent auction to benefit the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank, http://www.horsefoodbank.org/.  Bidding will close March 1st, at the Salida, Colorado opening of “High Point” at Paquette Gallery in the Steamplant Event Center.  http://salidasteamplant.com/Paquette_Gallery.htm

To make an early bid, please call 970-596-5555; opening bid $75.

After Midnight

The recent snowfalls left us with a half foot of snow to trudge through while caring for my animals.  As the weather warmed up this week, the snow changed to slippery mush.  Yesterday it even rained, which revealed a path of soggy grass on the way to Monarch’s feeding station.  It’s much too sodden to think of riding, so I’m back in the studio preparing for the Kirill Gliadkovsky Salon on February 22 in Montrose, sponsored by the Montrose Arts Council.


Kirill Gliadkovsky is a Russian born and trained concert pianist, conductor, and composer.  As a Patron Award Winner from the 22nd annual MVAG show in Oct. 2013,  the Montrose Arts Council invited me to show work at the Gliadkovsky Salon.

I will unveil three new works of art including “After Midnight.”  The germ for this painting was to capture the essence of a full moon ride without providing too much information to the viewer.  To say as little as possible, while telling as much as is necessary allows the viewer to make a personal connection with the artwork.

"After Midnight" copyright Cheri Isgreen, 2014

“After Midnight” copyright Cheri Isgreen, 2014

High Point Venue Schedule

High Point, the Art of Showing Horses will run through the month on February at 45 Degree Gallery in Old Colorado City, Colorado Springs.  If you missed the opening because of heavy snow, don’t miss the show.  Watercolor paintings by Cheri Isgreen:

Storm's a Comin' copyright C Isgreen

Storm’s a Comin’
copyright C Isgreen

acrylic paintings by Barb Haynie:

Assessing the Situation copyright Barb Haynie

Assessing the Situation
copyright Barb Haynie

and found object sculpture by Cheri & Barb.  Sales from High Point benefit the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank, a nonprofit founded to keep horses with their humans in times of emergency and disaster.  In 2013, a year of devastating floods and fires, CHF helped more than 1300 horses!  Support CHF in 2014, the Year of the Horse!

The Art of Showing Horses will travel around Colorado in upcoming months to celebrate the horse and support the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank.  Along with the art show and benefit, each venue will offer a variety of events including silent auction, painting & sculpture workshops, interactive community art installation, Kentucky Derby party, Kentucky Derby hat competition, Year of the Horse Chinese celebration, pet parade for horses, ponies, dogs, etc; freestyle exhibition of dancing horses, street party, Cattleman Days, good food, live music, and community connections.

To learn more contact: 22monarch@gmail.com


Jan 31 – Feb 28          45 Degree Gallery, 2528 B W Colorado Ave,  Colorado Springs

March                            SteamPlant Event Center, Paquette Gallery, Salida

April                              18th & 19th only: Horse in Sport, Grand Junction benefit for Micah Montag

May                               Westminster Brewing Company, 7655 West 108th

June                              A&Y Design Gallery, 513 E Main, Montrose

July                               Gunnison Arts Center, 102 S Main, Gunnison

Aug                                Melange Gallery, 109 W Colorado Ave, Telluride

Sept                               Redstone Art Center, 173 Redstone Blvd, Redstone

Oct -Nov                      Creamery Arts Center, 165 W Bridge St, Hotchkiss

Dec                               Ft Collins, TBA