“HIGH POINT, The Art of Showing Horses” to open Jan 31st!

Drawing, painting, framing, printing cards, creating inventories, prepping for the workshop, shopping, going to the bank, getting gas, packing………  “High Point” is hitting the road on Wednesday to open in its new venue this Friday night.  Be sure to come out to see the new work by Cheri and Barb in watercolor, acrylic, and found-objects/mixed media sculpture.  Learn more about the good work the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank is doing.  Bid in the silent auction for the CHF, (see image below).  Celebrate “2014, the Year of the Horse” and Chinese New Year by sampling Chinese food and making a zhezhi, a folded paper horse.

Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse

Enjoy a variety of food to please your palette, as well as your horse’s.  You can even bring some treats home for the barn.  Sign up to win door prizes- free drawings throughout the night.  Register for Saturday’s workshop, “Finding Your Muse.”   Get in touch with your creative muse through found objects sculpture. This fun, fast paced workshop will give you ideas to jump start your imagination and techniques to work with a variety of materials. At the end of the workshop you will have a completed sculpture and strategies to create unique works of art.  12:30-3:00, Feb 1st at 45 Degree Gallery.  For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/696648443718515/

Bidding is currently open on “Peace & Plenty,”  a 16″ x 20″ watercolor painting, valued at $300.    Call the gallery 719-434-1214 to make a bid.  All proceeds will benefit the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank.

"Peace & Plenty" copyright Cheri Isgreen 11/2013

“Peace & Plenty” copyright Cheri Isgreen 11/2013


2 comments on ““HIGH POINT, The Art of Showing Horses” to open Jan 31st!

  1. improvartz says:

    Nice art, and origami is always fun! 🙂 Good luck with the show!

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