Lots of Chrome to debut at “HIGH POINT, The Art of Showing Horses”

With the holidays behind us, my thoughts turn to the upcoming opening of “High Point” at 45 Degrees Gallery, 2528 B W Colorado Ave, in Colorado Springs on Friday, Jan 31st.  

Bids have opened on “Peace & Plenty,” https://equitherapy.wordpress.com/2013/12/06/peace-and-plenty/   my watercolor painting to benefit the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank.  Juliana Lehman is scheduled to speak during the opening to discuss the recent challenges and successes of the Foodbank.  

We will celebrate the Year of the Horse with Chinese food, treats for your horses, and lots of equine art.  On Saturday, Feb 1st, I will give a 1/2 day workshop, “Finding Your Muse”  at the Gallery.  Please call 45 Degrees for details, (719) 434-1214.  Looking forward to seeing you  at 45 Degrees Gallery, art at any angle!  http://www.45degreegallery.com/

Barb & I are creating new works for this opening.  “Lots of Chrome” is her newest piece.

"Lots of Chrome" copyright Barb Haynie, 2013

“Lots of Chrome” copyright Barb Haynie, 2013

 “HIGH POINT, The Art of Showing Horses”

High point- the horse with the highest average placing in one year of competition 

High point- a high altitude place with a beautiful view, such as found in Colorado

High point- the best part of an experience.  As horsewomen, the high point of the day is when the connection between the horse and rider is both elegant and sublime.  

High point- an art show for art lovers, horse lovers, equestrians, and artists


One comment on “Lots of Chrome to debut at “HIGH POINT, The Art of Showing Horses”

  1. Good Luck at high point showing. Happy Horsey New Year and all God’s Blessings.

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