Horse Treat Recipe: WHOA Cakes

We’ve been brainstorming horse-happy food to serve at the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank benefit and Grand Opening of “High Point,” the art show by Barb Haynie and I to celebrate the Year of the Horse, 2014.  We are planning baby carrots, apple slices, peppermints, and sugar cubes.  I love this hearty & healthy baked treat.  The opening is Jan. 31, 2014 at 45 Degrees Gallery, “art from every angle.”  45 Degrees Gallery is located in Colorado Springs on Colorado Ave in Old Colorado City.  Please tell all your friends.

Horse Treat Recipe: WHOA Cakes.


4 comments on “Horse Treat Recipe: WHOA Cakes

  1. Annatalie says:

    Did you know white sugar is whitened with bone-char, which is ground up bones of animals. Do you think this is still ok to feed to my horses? 😮 Thanks

    • Thank you for sharing. I did not know this, but as you can tell, this recipe was reblogged. For me “white sugar” means xylatol & brown sugar is coconut sugar. I don’t buy sugar cane products. Hope people will find & make those substitutions.

      • Hi ladies– you’re in luck because the recipe for “WHOA Cakes” does not include brown or white sugar! None of the recipes I create for my horses do. Honey, Molasses, and peanut butter generally form the sweetener in my treats. Take a look at the link and you will see that WHOA Cakes use honey. I hope you will give them a try. Your horses will enjoy.

      • Annatalie says:

        That is a great idea! Thank you. So far I had only been using agave syrup for myself, so I was stumped for what to do for horses. Thanks 🙂

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