Dear Santa

Good tips, whether you are Santa, a grandparent, or small business owner. Have fun reading and maybe you’ll get some good ideas for your business. Happy holidays.

Marissa Isgreen Creations

Dear Santa,

Black and White photo with the words "Dear Santa" written on lined paperGiven the holiday season, this must be a busy time for you. Letters asking for ponies, G.I. Joes and two front teeth are probably pouring in. I hope you’ll find my letter refreshing because I’m not writing to ask for anything for Christmas. Instead, I thought I’d break up the gift-requesting monotony with a little tip to improve operations at Santa’s Workshop: social media.

I’m sure social media’s prevalence has made it to the North Pole by now. I’d imagine most of your elves are probably on Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps you’ve even had to implement new rules about not taking pictures of finished toys and posting them on Instagram. Social media pervades our world. It has become a tool that is incredibly useful and should be embraced by all people- not just the 18-year-old college freshman. In an interview with Market Watch reporter Andrea Coombes, researcher Aaron…

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