“Peace and Plenty”

“Peace and Plenty” is a 10″ X 14″ framed watercolor painting to be auctioned at 45 Degrees Gallery during the opening reception of “HIGH POINT, the Art of Showing Horses” to benefit the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank.  45 Degrees Gallery is located at 2528 B W Colorado Ave in Colorado Springs.

"Peace & Plenty" copyright Cheri Isgreen 11/2013

“Peace & Plenty” copyright Cheri Isgreen 11/2013

With the Black Forest and numerous other Colorado wildfires, the subsequent flooding in Manitou Springs, and the 100-year flood affecting residents in Boulder, Longmont, Lyons, Estes Park and Larimer Counties, it has been a challenging year for horses and their humans.  The Colorado Horsecare Foodbank is a 501(c)3 foundation that has helped countless horses and their families during recent emergencies.  With so many disasters occurring within the space of two years, the resources of the Foundation are strained.  By bringing this show to Colorado Springs, we can raise awareness and funds in a community where the CHF has helped so many.  During the opening, Juliana Lehman will speak about her foundation, and several paintings will be offered for silent auction to benefit the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank. This image will also be available as a 5″ X 7″ monoprint  card to benefit the CHF.

The show opens on Jan 31st, 2014, the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Horse!   Along with the silent auction, Cheri and Barb will show a collection of original equine paintings.  There will  be Chinese New Year themed food, horse treats, and libations.  Come out to help celebrate 2014, The Year of the Horse .  The show runs through Feb. 28th

An artists workshop, “Finding Your Muse” will be held at the gallery on Saturday, Feb 1st.  The workshop will facilitate finding inspiration and creating sculpture from found objects.  For workshop registration or to make a pre-bid on “Peace & Plenty,” contact the gallery at (719) 434-1214.


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  1. […] have opened on “Peace & Plenty,” https://equitherapy.wordpress.com/2013/12/06/peace-and-plenty/   my watercolor painting to benefit the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank.  Juliana Lehman is […]

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