“Standout” daily post

Here is Barb’s new painting:

"Assessing the Situation" C. Barb Haynie, Aug 2013

“Assessing the Situation” C. Barb Haynie, Aug 2013

Note the visual excitement Barb created with the light and color in the mane and tail.  The left foreleg leads the viewer’s eye right into the painting…..  Enjoy!

Things are starting to shape up for “High Point; the art of showing horses”

The show opens in Ft Collins in October.

November: Longmont/Boulder

December: back to Ft. Collins in a Christmas venue

Jan-Feb: I am working with the Colorado Horse Foodbank to hold a gala event to benefit the foundation, spread awareness of the need for small local organizations to join the umbrella group in these times of fire & disaster, celebrate our new year, and especially the Chinese lunar new year: Year of the Horse 2014!

March: Paquette Gallery, Steamplant Arts Center, Salida, CO: http://www.salidasteamplant.com/

April/May: open, let me know if your community is interested

June: A & Y Design Gallery, Montrose, CO  http://www.aydesigngallery.com/

July: Gunnison Arts Center, in conjunction with Gunnison Cattleman Days: www.gunnisonartscenter.org/

Aug: tba

Sept: Redstone Art Center, inconjunction with Labor Day arts festival at the Redstone Inn & Redstone Octberfest, (in Sept- wine crushing): redstoneart.com/

Oct: Creamery Arts Center, Hotchkiss, Co- in conjunction with fall colors: creameryartscenter.org/



7 comments on ““Standout” daily post

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  2. Sounds like you and Barb are in full swing and having a lot of fun in all of your endeavors. Enjoy. Wish I was closer in distance so I could attend one of these. God’s Blessings forever.

  3. […] “Standout” daily post « Equitherapy […]

  4. […] “Standout” daily post « Equitherapy […]

  5. […] “Standout” daily post « Equitherapy […]

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