Daily Prompt: From the Collection of the Artist

Barb’s newest painting is vibrant, charged with energy and movement.  Notice how the strong pink circle of the  Big Top is echoed and magnified by the shape and colors of the performance ring.  The bright colors of the tent grab your attention.  Then the strong diagonal lines of the tent and spot lights direct your eye to the action below.  Here is how Barb feels about her artwork:

“What can I say? I have a friend whose parents ran a horse boarding stable all the years she was growing up, so horses became everything to this friend, inextricably woven into her psyche, practically part of her DNA. When she grew up and became an artist and an art teacher, horses were my friend’s subject, always horses. Her art teachers complained, but there was no changing the fact.

“It’s the same with me. Making an attempt at small talk, a dinner companion once asked me, ‘So tell me about this horse thing with you.’ No! There’s no explaining it, and he’d have been bored in an instant. I changed the subject. Let me just say, horses are huge in my life. The older I grow, the deeper are my feelings about them.

acrylic July 2013  copyright Barbara Haynie

acrylic July 2013
copyright Barbara Haynie

“Art is huge for me too. Put the two together and through some form of magic, the whole becomes larger than the parts. I refused to paint horses while working for my fine arts degree. I thought at the time it was too convenient a subject and too conservative for the avant garde non-representational art school way of thinking. But eventually I reached a point where horses HAD to be in my art. What can I say? Yet I can still push the envelope art-wise, horses or not. So I give my horse paintings a pop art twist, or maybe Fauve. Let’s just say I go hog-wild with color.

“George Morris, chef d-equipe of our American grand prix jumping team, when his all-girl team won the world cup, said with a twisted smile, “What can I say? Girl power!” then he chuckled.

“What can I say? Horse Power!”



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