High Point; a horse show, an art show

Barb Haynie, my good friend on the East Slope of Colorado and I, (on the West Slope of Colorado) are planning an art show to open in Oct. 2013 in Ft. Collins.  The show will travel for a year to different cities, towns, and venues across the state of Colorado.  We are calling it High Point, because we want a strong connection between the idea of an art show and the idea of a horse show.

High point- the horse with the highest average placing in 1 year of competition
High point- a high altitude place with a beautiful view, often found in Colorado
High point- the best part of an experience; we horsewomen and men know that feeling when the connection between horse and rider is elegant & sublime.  The experience becomes the high point of our day.
High point- a show for equestrians and artists
Barb and I have been very focused on painting in anticipation for the show.  This is my newest work; I call it “Out of the Shadows.”  It is a portrait of my horses, Sterling and Monarch.
pencil study

pencil study



masked, after the second pour

masked, after the second pour



"Out of the Shadows" copyright Cheri Isgreen

“Out of the Shadows” copyright Cheri Isgreen

So please


High Point:

Paintings for the
Colorado Open Horse Show
by Babara Haynie & Cheri Isgreen
showing in galleries around the state of Colorado, Oct 2013- October 2014
Stay tuned for more “teaser”  paintings…

3 comments on “High Point; a horse show, an art show

  1. luv2tri says:

    Love horses, love this!

  2. This sounds very exiting. It is what I call thinking outside of the box! Kudos to you both. May you have much success in this premier venture. Love the :teaser paintings!

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