Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

by michelle w.

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WITHOUT.


Life before, during, and after computers is a life with horses.  Horses transcend time, the perfect union of two separate species.  Perhaps the only partnership between a strong prey species and a weaker predatory species, in which the prey species willing allows partnership with the predator.  In the best of circumstances, the predator improves the life of the horse, rather than exploits him.

"Gathering for the Morning Instructions"

“Gathering for the Morning Assignments”                         

This painting was inspired by photographs I made of the Abbe Ranch May 2011 clinic for 3 Day event riders.  More than 100 riders participated in training activities to improve their dressage, show jumping, cross country, general training, and horse management skills.  Besides mounted instruction in small groups throughout the ranch, working lunches featured lectures and panels by the clinicians.  The rhythm and pattern of shapes as horses & riders lined up to receive their assignments intrigued me to explore this composition as a painting.


Daily Prompt: From the Collection of the Artist

Barb’s newest painting is vibrant, charged with energy and movement.  Notice how the strong pink circle of the  Big Top is echoed and magnified by the shape and colors of the performance ring.  The bright colors of the tent grab your attention.  Then the strong diagonal lines of the tent and spot lights direct your eye to the action below.  Here is how Barb feels about her artwork:

“What can I say? I have a friend whose parents ran a horse boarding stable all the years she was growing up, so horses became everything to this friend, inextricably woven into her psyche, practically part of her DNA. When she grew up and became an artist and an art teacher, horses were my friend’s subject, always horses. Her art teachers complained, but there was no changing the fact.

“It’s the same with me. Making an attempt at small talk, a dinner companion once asked me, ‘So tell me about this horse thing with you.’ No! There’s no explaining it, and he’d have been bored in an instant. I changed the subject. Let me just say, horses are huge in my life. The older I grow, the deeper are my feelings about them.

acrylic July 2013  copyright Barbara Haynie

acrylic July 2013
copyright Barbara Haynie

“Art is huge for me too. Put the two together and through some form of magic, the whole becomes larger than the parts. I refused to paint horses while working for my fine arts degree. I thought at the time it was too convenient a subject and too conservative for the avant garde non-representational art school way of thinking. But eventually I reached a point where horses HAD to be in my art. What can I say? Yet I can still push the envelope art-wise, horses or not. So I give my horse paintings a pop art twist, or maybe Fauve. Let’s just say I go hog-wild with color.

“George Morris, chef d-equipe of our American grand prix jumping team, when his all-girl team won the world cup, said with a twisted smile, “What can I say? Girl power!” then he chuckled.

“What can I say? Horse Power!”


Daily Prompt: Party Animals (?)

The daily prompt is working well to share all the work Barb and I are doing in preparation for our show.  We are starting to finalize dates, cities, and venues.  Soon, I will post those dates, so you can put them on your calendar.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us PERSONALITY.

The title to my new painting is “Open Gate,” inspired by those wonderful Nakota Horses from the “Wild Bunch.”


(To see an enlarged version of the painting, click over the image.)

"Open Gate" copyright Cheri Isgreen

“Open Gate”
copyright Cheri Isgreen

Daily Prompt: There’s No Place Like Home

Horses like routine and and the quiet of their home pastures.  The peace found among horses grazing at home epitomizes the phrase, “there’s no place like home.”  I can hear Dorothy chanting the phrase, as she clicks her ruby slippers together.


"Monarch at Grass" copyright Cheri Isgreen

“Monarch at Grass”
copyright Cheri Isgreen


“Monarch at Grass,” transparent watercolor with splatter glazing as the final layer.


High Point:

The Art of Showing Horses
by Babara Haynie & Cheri Isgreen
showing in galleries around the state of Colorado, Oct 2013- October 2014

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

In this painting by Barb Haynie, she shows us

a fresh approach depicting motion with a strong composition and bold brushwork,

a fresh use of color, her own expression of Fauve style for the 21st century

fresh air in the high country of Colorado

copyright Barb Haynie

copyright Barb Haynie

HIGH POINT: The Art of Showing Horses

12 Colorado venues in 12 months

Opening Oct 2013 in Ft. Collins


High Point: opening in Ft Collins, CO Oct 2013

HIGH POINT: The Art of Showing Horses

Ft Collins artist and author, Barb Haynie will collaborate with me on our 2 person art show, High Point.  It’s a Colorado Open Horse Show.  Sounds like horse showing, but actually it is gallery showing.  We are arranging 12 venues for 12 months, beginning Oct 2013 throughout the state of Colorado, (Colorado Open) featuring our equine paintings, (Horse Show).

copyright Barb Haynie

copyright Barb Haynie


copyright Barb Haynie

copyright Barb Haynie

Barb works in acrylics, in a spontaneous, expressive style of bright color, bold shapes, and strong movement.  Her exciting style evokes the power and energy of her equine subjects.  The paintings shown are in the collections of her patrons.  You will want to attend one of the Colorado shows to acquire a Barb Haynie piece for your own collection.

High Point; a horse show, an art show

Barb Haynie, my good friend on the East Slope of Colorado and I, (on the West Slope of Colorado) are planning an art show to open in Oct. 2013 in Ft. Collins.  The show will travel for a year to different cities, towns, and venues across the state of Colorado.  We are calling it High Point, because we want a strong connection between the idea of an art show and the idea of a horse show.

High point- the horse with the highest average placing in 1 year of competition
High point- a high altitude place with a beautiful view, often found in Colorado
High point- the best part of an experience; we horsewomen and men know that feeling when the connection between horse and rider is elegant & sublime.  The experience becomes the high point of our day.
High point- a show for equestrians and artists
Barb and I have been very focused on painting in anticipation for the show.  This is my newest work; I call it “Out of the Shadows.”  It is a portrait of my horses, Sterling and Monarch.
pencil study

pencil study



masked, after the second pour

masked, after the second pour



"Out of the Shadows" copyright Cheri Isgreen

“Out of the Shadows” copyright Cheri Isgreen

So please


High Point:

Paintings for the
Colorado Open Horse Show
by Babara Haynie & Cheri Isgreen
showing in galleries around the state of Colorado, Oct 2013- October 2014
Stay tuned for more “teaser”  paintings…