Magnificence: Part II



Yesterday, while riding Monarch, I went into that zone where it was just he & I.  Instead of focusing on my position, which always makes me tighter, instead of looser, I put my consciousness deep into my horse’s balance, movement, and biomechanics.  I kept asking myself, what am I doing to produce this?  Sometimes I was trying to correct something.  As the ride progressed, I found that I was asking that question more and more often, so that I could reproduce something positive that was happening in our ride.  When I finished the ride, I had a feeling of elation.  It only occurred to me this morning that the elation I was feeling was the idea of  “magnificence” from Jago’s final chapter in Solo Schooling.

When I got off my horse and went into the house to change, my focus really changed.  My horses were munching on their beet pulp, and I was thinking , “ok, while they are having their first course, I can jump in the shower.  Then after I get dressed, I’ll throw hay.  Then I’ll get my pot luck dish out of the fridge and add the garnishes.  By then, my hair should be dry enough to style.  Oh and I’ve got to find a couple of birthday cards…”  All of a sudden, the real world that I had put aside while playing in the sandbox came rushing back……..

With everything ready, we got in the car to attend a small birthday dinner.  As we were pulling out of the driveway, the miracle of what had occurred with Monarch hit me like a lightning bolt.  This was a FEELING- I wasn’t thinking about what had occurred and was not processing my ride-

just a strong spontaneous feeling.  At the moment this feeling was washing over me, “SPRETZZATURA!”  bubbled up and burst from my mouth.   The feeling and the exclamation all happened without any conscious thought.   It was only after I heard myself, processing both the joy in my voice and the meaning of this word, that I realized what had happened.  Then this morning, I was able to connect yesterday with the chapter we have just discussed about magnificence.  I don’t think one can create magnificence; instead one discovers magnificence.


One comment on “Magnificence: Part II

  1. Majestaddelc01 says:

    Great job on the ride and wonderfully explained with beautiful words.

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