Equine Art

Studying, drawing, and painting horses is an irresistible passion  Horses captivate me. They possess grace in movement and majesty in stillness.  I’m fascinated by the shape of their joints, legs, muscles.  The line of an equine nostril, neck, hind end, protruding tendon; all draw me to capture their sinuous curves.  Hypnotic eyes, flowing mane and tail, highlight and shadow rippling over a horse in motion captivate and entice me to express an impression of equus essence and spirit.

I invite you to visit my new page, Equine Art.  Click the link in the top bar.  Here is a sample……

"Gathering for the Morning Directives"My fascination with horse's legs.

“Gathering for the Morning Directives”
My fascination with horse’s legs.



2 comments on “Equine Art

  1. You have captured the eloquence completely in your drawings, and I am imagining that it is exactly as God created it. I love your artwork and this one is no exception.

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