Spring activities

I love greens as much as my horses.  Yesterday, on Easter Sunday, I began work on my 2013 garden.  I filled in gaps in my overwintered spinach:

spinachand planted another raised bed with several lettuces, radicchio, escarole, carrots, beets, radishes, and kohlrabi.  I like to have plenty on hand for my equestrian friends, who don’t have time for a garden.  This bed doesn’t look very tidy because the coffee filters from the compost break down more slowly than the veggie waste.

gardenAs a twist on “green” gardens, I am using my reused Christmas cards for row markers.  Principles of the 3R’s:  (reduce waste, reuse greeting cards, and recycle paper at season’s end by composting the paper into the soil.)  I loved this choice for radishes and will enjoy displaying some of my cards a second time around.



3 comments on “Spring activities

  1. Sandra says:

    I’ve just dug trenches to set up a poly tunnel, now we need the wind to die down so we can put it up without the plastic taking off into the next county. I used to have a cold ground vegetable garden, but it was not a success. Great idea to use your old christmas cards as markers!

    • Spinach, leeks, onions, cilantro, parley, and some lettuce overwinter in my corner of Colorado. Best wishes with your tunnel. I’m dreaming of a green house and would be almost as happy if my husband would build me cold frames.

  2. Absolutely brilliant! I am sooo jealous. I no longer can maintain or even plant a garden but I am very happy for you and all of those who will enjoy the fruits (and greens) of your labor. Hope things are no longer so hectic and all back to normal again. Miss you both.

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