Junior Rights and a Drought

maximizing resources

maximizing resources

Climate change, global warming, drought.  Call it what you will; when you live close to the land, you pay attention.  I was disconcerted to learn we would not have our water share this year and that my neighbor would not be able to allow my horses to graze his pasture until it recovers from all this dry weather.  I rigged up some ropes and put them in the lawn.  I had planned to get rid of a large part of this grass with xeriscaping, but now I think I’m going to need it- even if I have to water the grass with municipal water.

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5 comments on “Junior Rights and a Drought

  1. So sorry to read this. We are also very dry. Most of the ponds on our trails are dried up. I have a feeling this will be our year for a bad hurricane.
    Sorry to here you will have to buy the municipal water which will probably be quite expensive. I will be praying for rain for you.
    Count down …. 8-days.

  2. Jane N. Thompson says:

    Good luck on finding feed for the horses. We are happy about every little bit of moisture.
    jane and rich

  3. Ranchodevizcaya says:

    Why would you loose your one share? Does it not belong to your land? That is not good this early in the year.


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