Developing Awareness, Part II

from Chapter 3 of Solo Schooling, by Wendy Jago

For non-equestrian subscribers, read these coaching/motivation notes with your non-riding goals in mind.  Substitute the horse for a coworker, family member, teammate, or your passion, sport, advocation, etc.

Here are my notes for the conclusion of Ch.3, tips on developing your awareness.

Engage in keep observation.  Detailed investigation will open possibilities and reveal information without feeling like criticism or pressure.  Try these tips to develop skill in becoming a detective of your experiences:

  • Choose one thing at a time; allow sufficient time to develop focus.
  • Concentrate on one sense, then build awareness from other senses until understanding is rich and complex.
  • Be creative to get sensory input from unfamiliar sources, (ex: ride on the lunge with eyes closed).
  • Identify patterns; build on successful ones/use problematic ones to deconstruct hinderances.
  • Identify moments of change.  What happened just before?  What was the relationship?
  • Calibrate differences between your experiences and those of others.

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