Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

KissI couldn’t resist posting to the Weekly Photo Challenge when the challenge was “Kiss.” Just the right topic on this week of Valentine’s Day.

This photo expresses the inexplicable bond between horses and humans.  It is also a portrait of trust.   Humans are a predator species, known to exploit, abuse, and even eat horses.  Horses, on the other hand, are large creatures, easily outweighing me by ten-fold.  With his powerful jaws, Monarch could do serious damage to my face if he chose.  Good thing he’s offering a kiss.


2 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

  1. I love this. Makes me think about the times Beni jumps in my lap and gives me kisses. Also some looks that just say, “:I love you””. Hope you don’t mind, I loved the poem and have sent it on to those I think will enjoy it.]
    Love you forever,

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