Winter Activities, 11 Below

DSC_0039The morning was hushed in frozen silence.

Only my boots,                                                                                                                                           a squeaky crunch on the dry snow,                                                                                                   could be heard.

The air was filled with diamonds,                                                                                                 sparkling on a cloudless day.

Buckets of room temperature beet pulp steamed in the frosty air.


3 comments on “Winter Activities, 11 Below

  1. Loved this one Cher….I could feel myself there, with you!
    Forever in love,

  2. Today was 5 degrees ABOVE zero; how could it feel so warm!! I got all my chores done that I’ve been putting off- mending buckets, refilling birdfeeders, fixing tarps…..Maybe I’ll even get to ride today. Hook up trailer and find an indoor…..

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